Electronic Press Kit


 Hot Sauce Holiday is a cabaret punk band from Los Angeles. In their five years they’ve taken stages big and small. Featured at festivals like Lightning in a bottle and the Special Olympics; to dessert parties, dive bars, strip clubs, and the Penthouse Ranch.  Baby boomers, hipsters, and weirdos raise their primal energy, bewitched by the urgent nonsense emanated from the stage

Hot Sauce Holiday is a six-piece whose musical style is as varied as the characters in it.  It’s a collection of everything fringe that has happened since the 50s. Doo-wop harmonies mix with psychedelic guitars and disco bass lines. Expect random character gags, audience bating, bongo solos from atop a bar, and of course: beach ball tossing.

In addition to their eclectic barrage of originals, Hot Sauce Holiday incorporates their take on covers by artists like George Michael, Rick James, and Lil John alongside lesser known hits by the Coasters, Jackie Wilson, and Chaka Khan in their many three hour-plus sets. The energy stays high and the audience leaves enraptured. Hot Sauce Holiday is more than a concert or show-it is an immersive, interactive experience.

In an era full of boring self-conscious bands seeking audience approval, HSH is one that has the audacity to make fun of itself and put on a show.  They don’t need lasers, flashing lights, fire, or computers – just the stage.

Many bands have tried a lot of crazy shit, but rest assured, Hot Sauce Holiday is the only one to try it all, at once. 





Email:  hotsauceholiday@gmail.com

Manager: Andy Rudolph